Reckoning Esports secures a 1-1 Draw against Team Aster in WESG 2018: World Finals

Vignesh Raghuram

7th, Mar, 2019

Image Credits: Reckoning Esports

In one of the biggest upsets on Day 1 of WESG 2018, Myanmar’s Reckoning Esports tied up their series against Chinese Giants Team Aster 1-1 giving themselves an okay shot at qualifying for the playoffs.

The series was quite even, with both sides showing signs of life even when they were down in net worth. Here’s how the series went down


Reckoning Esports vs Team Aster


Game 1:

Reckoning Esports got off to a really good start in Game 1, with Myint “InsaNe” Myat Zaw getting a big boost on net-worth thanks to multiple kills on XXS’s Brewmaster. He used it to snowball into several early towers, pressuring Team Aster and made a ton of space for Reckoning Esports to build up a massive net worth advantage in the mid-game.

With an unkillable Leo Tidehunter in the frontline, Reckoning Esports steadily took down Roshan and struck down Team Aster’s base systematically to secure the Game 1 win.

Game 2:

Team Aster quite simply outdrafted Reckoning Esports in Game 2 with their, stand-in, 88’s Timbersaw just mowing down the entirety of the Myanmar team’s roster.

Over and over again, Reckoning Esports tried to draw even against Team Aster’s cores, but the Chinese team was just too tanky for InsaNe’s Phantom Assassin. Even though, Reckoning Esports took a few teamfight victories by virtue of a Spirit Vessel on their Nature’s Prophet. Sylar’s Terrorblade eventually ended up overwhelming Reckoning Esports with his sheer damage output to secure the win and tie up the series 1-1.

Reckoning Esports’ fate in the WESG 2018: World Finals will be decided tomorrow when they take on Chinese juggernaut’s EHOME and 4/5th’ of the Virtus Pro lineup. If they can secure two wins, their spots in the playoffs will be secured.