[Recap] Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup Gear Up Qualifier - Day 2

Nishant Patel

10o, Aug, 2014

Before we begin, you might want to read what happened on Day 1 here.

The tournament progressed a lot quicker than anticipated with all matches being concluded on Day 2 itself.

Teams were now accustomed to the PC set up and were bringing their A game to the table. Four teams made it through to the main event. The Semi Final and Final matches were played to determine the seeds at the Main Event.

Your four qualified teams from the Gear Up Gaming Qualifier of the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup - Mumbai Dota 2 LAN are as follows :


1st Place - Team Oblique Gaming

Oblique Gaming
Left to Right - Standin.ZOMG, Crowley, Prophecy, Haunter and A-35

It comes as no surprise that Oblique Gaming snagged the top spot at the first qualifier of the TE Gaming Cup on the back of some flawless play.

The results of the new roster and their disciplined training sessions are really starting to show as their TPM (throws per minute - yes I just coined this term and no I am not sorry for it) has hit near zero. Credit to the standin ZOMG who seemed to compensate well for Evil Ash's absence in this qualifier however the full roster is going to be a fearful in-game sight at the main event.


2nd Place - Team Born For Killing

Born For Killing
Left to Right - Little Things, 123, Ch***na, Noddy, Rampage
BFK - a team that's fighting to regain it's former glory atop the throne of the Indian Dota 2 scene. They had a rough run through the qualifiers however they managed to place themselves at a comfortable second place.

Almost every game they played looked shaky and if there's one thing that's glaringly obvious is that this team has a weak early game. On the flip side, what they lack in early game finesse they more than make up for in mid and late game teamfights and decision making and once they start showing signs of a comeback, their plays are augmented with a warcry that has to be experienced first hand to be fully understood.


3rd Place - NeckBREAK eSports

Neckbreak Esports
Left to Right - Zedisbug, Remstar, Epic Sax Guy, Xcarnation, Standin.7

Despite undergoing a recent roster shuffle, Remstar seems to be steering NeckBREAK e-Sports down a victorious path. 

Perhaps the absence of No_Chance in their roster played a role in their defeat to Oblique Gaming in the semi finals however the team has once again proved that they still are a force to be reckoned with. There are rumours of internal strife among the team and visible signs of tension among some players. Whether or not they can get their act together before the main event remains to be seen. Speculation of rumours have been put to rest as Remstar gave us the heads up that there's nothing to be worried about!

We expect the team to be back in fighting shape before the main event.


4th Place - All India Rejects

All India Rejects Dota 2
Left to Right - Jinxed, Satan.say10, Lord 'SlayerGKC' Sama, Max, Az7y
Team AiR came into this tournament as underdogs. They are an ambitious lot and perhaps the only team to succesfully run heroes like Meepo and Undying at the qualifiers.

Their top four finish comes on the back of some difficult games including a back and forth game versus Team Hmm Ball in the quarter finals. They got really close to taking the win versus BFK in the semi finals which should give them a considerable confidence boost while going into the main event. Many of their players are first timers at a LAN event.
If they can manage to overcome the inexperience hurdle and refine their mid game decision making, they should be top contendors at the Main Event.


What's Next?

All four teams have secured themselves a minimum cash prize of INR 10,000 along with a slot at the main event.

The second qualifier will be held over the next weekend (15th to 17th August) at Maximum Gaming Cafe Khar where four more teams will selected. We expect teams that fell short here at the first qualifier to try again at Khar and have received word that Rapier Gaming will be one of the top teams to watch out for there.

For more information about the second qualifier and the main event of the TE Gaming Cup - Click Here
Interviews and other snippets from the event will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel
The photo album of the Gear Up Gaming Qualifier can be found on our Facebook Page