[Recap] Inter Cafe Championship Main Event

Nishant Patel

2o, Oct, 2014

The Main Event of the Inter Cafe Championship has concluded.

Oblique Gaming (representing League of Extraordinary Gamers Cafe) walked away victorious and unscathed while NeckBREAK eSports (representing Gamers4Life Cafe) bagged the runner up spot.
Mynd'snare Gaming (representing Blitzone Cafe) secured third place after being knocked out in the lower bracket finals versus NB.

OG received INR 50,000/- for their win while the cafe they represented (LXG) received a full set of Logitech G Peripherals.

Ketan 'Evil-Ash' Goyal was voted MVP of the tournament and was awarded an ECS Gaming Motherboard.



All matches were livestreamed and shoutcasted on our Channel and VoDs will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel shortly.


Our Thoughts


Despite the 12 hour x 2 days casting marathon, our experience as casters (from the studio, not at the venue) was fairly comfortable. G4L Gaming Cafe did hit some technical snags during the tournament (a.k.a internet issues) however admins were quick to resolve the issue by hosting matches on local lobbies.
That said, buyers of the in-game ticket might not have gotten their money's worth since many games (including the finals) could not be broadcasted via DotaTV.

Another noteworthy occurence was the decision to disqualify Teams eGoDz (representing Games Gizmos Plus cafe) and MidasDoto (representing Gamerzone cafe) on day 2 on account of them being unable to show up at the pre-scheduled time. A fair decision on the part of the admins we'd say given that qualified teams were provided schedules well in advance.

To sum things up, this event marks the conclusion of another successful Indian Dota 2 tournament by Esports Interactive Entertainment.
Oblique Gaming can once again claim stake to the title of India's Premiere Dota 2 team while NeckBREAK eSports has positioned themselves close at their heels.
Teams Mynd'Snare Gaming and Full Meals showed that they might well be top contendors in the not too distant future while other teams (hint hint PoC wink) have a lot more to learn but a decent bit of potential under their belts.