QZ escapes the VAC ban threat

Aditya Singh Rawat

1o, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: Xuehua

The huge wave of VAC bans that hit China yesterday had caused quite an uproar within the Asian community. A former TyLoo player and brother of Hui ‘DD’ Wu, Quan-Qing ‘qz’ Wu was handed an Overwatch Ban which many had mistaken for a VAC ban.

In recent news, the ban instated on qz’s account has been lifted by Valve and the seized inventory which is worth a fortune is free to use, trade and transfer as per what the user desires to do with it.

If this ban had been made permanent, it would have been a huge blow for qz who has already faced a VAC ban in 2013 and was most recently responsible for TyLoo being disqualified from the Asia Minors 2016 after the organizers found out that qz had a VAC ban on one of his earlier accounts. 

Since being dropped from TyLoo, qz has become quite a famous CS:GO streamer within China and this ban would have been a total shutdown of his career as a gamer.

The VAC ban had caught many professional Chinese players in its claws. Some other players who had likely faced or are still facing a ban are Qinlong ‘blackmamba’ Wu and ZhiHeng ‘W1nd’ Qui. Both the players are currently active, playing for FIVE eSports Club and Team Roar, respectively.

With the matter still under investigation let’s just wait and see what other bit of information turns up.
Stay tuned as we bring you more news on the situation as and when we gain more insight into the situation.