Qualifier details announced for StarSeries I-League Season 7

Aditya Singh Rawat

17th, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: Starladder CS:GO

The StarSeries I-League CS:GO Season-7 which was announced earlier this week on 15th November has just declared the details of its Regional Closed Qualifiers.

The event will be attended by 16 teams out of which 13 teams will be Direct Invites while the remaining 3 slots will see 1 team each from North America, Europe and Asia making their way through the respective Regional Closed Qualifiers.

European Qualifier

The European Qualifiers will be divided into two parts. 

The first part is the Group Stage featuring 16 invited teams being divided into 4 groups of 4 teams each. Every group will undergo a BO3, double elimination format with the top two teams from each group qualifying onto the Playoffs. 

The second part will witness the Playoffs featuring a BO3, single elimination format. The initial round will be played amongst the 8 teams that qualify through the Group Stage following which four more invited teams will join the winners of the initial round and continue playing till a winner is declared. 

The European Qualifiers will be taking place from 6th-20th December 2018

North American Qualifier

The North American Qualifiers will be taking place in exactly the same manner in which the European Qualifier takes place. 

The American Qualifier will be taking place from 7th-18th December 2018.

Chinese Qualifier

The Group Stage will be similar to what is followed by the other two qualifiers but the Playoffs will be a bit different, featuring a BO3, double elimination format with no teams being directly invited to the Playoffs. 

The Chinese Qualifier will be taking place from 13th-23rd December 2018.

For now, Team Wild is the only team that has been invited for the Main Event, after winning the recently concluded Gamecon Brasilia 2018.