PvP Esports Championships: Fnatic and PSG.LGD draw first blood

Shounak Sengupta

5th, Oct, 2018

Cover Image source: @DBLTAP 

The newly formed Fnatic side picked up their first win on LAN, taking down Secret 1-0 in Group A of the PvP Esports Championship. Meanwhile in Group B, PSG.LGD proved to be the better team, taking down BOOM ID in the opening two games of the day.

Secret’s draft costs them the game

Secret attempted to win the lanes by picking up a Batrider against iceceice’s Necrophos but Fnatic were successful in getting MP’s PL to lane against Zai. As a result, Zai had a pretty poor early game and fell behind in net worth. Fnatic had the better cores and better matchups and it was only Midone who was getting anything done for Secret. With farm on all 3 cores, Fnatic had little trouble in getting 1 lane of barracks but they lost all 5 heroes after smoking into the enemy base. However, despite that, they were simply too far ahead at that point and Secret were forced to call the gg.

PSG.LGD brush aside BOOM ID

In Group B, TI8 finalists, PSG.LGD won their game against BOOM ID quite easily. The difference in skill and experience was apparent and while the Indonesian team had some good ideas with their draft, LGD were in no mood to toy around as they forced out a 38-minute gg. Ame’s Morphling was able to stand his ground in the mid lane against the Broodmother and he eventually ended up carrying his team to victory. The BOOM ID line up could do little against a farmed Morphling and it became increasingly hard for their Broodmother to get anything done against the rest of the cores.


Both teams are now one win away from guaranteeing their place in the playoffs while Secret and BOOM ID will have to win 2 out of 2 games to make it there.


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