PvP Esports Championships: Admiral cruise to the top, Signify feel the heat

Shounak Sengupta

3rd, Oct, 2018

Cover Image Source: MET

Stage 1 of the groupstages kicked off earlier today at the PvP Esports Championships in Singapore. The tournament features 9 teams and a 200,000$ prize pool with big names like Fnatic, Secret and PSG.LGD in the invite list. The first stage of the competition involves 6 of the 9 teams who are currently playing in a round robin league from where only 3 teams will move on.

Admiral have been in good form of late and though they failed to qualify for the first Minor or Major, the team certainly looks capable of providing a tough fight in the SEA region. They finished 3-0 at the end of day 1 with convincing wins over Signify, Hashtag and KSY. BOOM ID too, finished unbeaten with wins over Hashtag and Resurgence.

Both Admiral and BOOM ID are strong contenders for the top 3 spots with Admiral’s spot already guaranteed. The battle for the 3rd spot will be between Signify, Resurgence and KSY. 3 defeats on day 1 means that Hashtag Dota are more or less out of the running.

Indian team, Signify went 1-2 on day 1 with defeats to both Admiral and Resurgence. The team failed to perform on multiple fronts, including their support play, teamwork and teamfighting ability. They will need to win against both BOOM ID and KSY tomorrow to have a chance of making it to the next stage.


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