PUBG Mobile | Team SouL and TeamIND invited for PMSC 2019 which has a 250k USD prize pool

Shounak Sengupta

31o, Jul, 2019

Cover image source: @VSPN

Team SouL and TeamIND will be among the 16 teams who will play at PMSC 2019. The PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 will feature 16 PUBG Mobile content creators who will team up with 16 pro teams. With a prize pool of 250,000 USD and offline finals in Taipei, Taiwan in September, the tournament is certainly one of the highlight events of the calendar year for PUBGM featuring both pro players and content creators. 


The 16 teams who are attending the event are as follows : 


Spacestation Gaming - USA

Gamers Club Busan - South Korea

Nova Esports - Taiwan

Nova Monster Shield - Taiwan

EVOS Esports - Indonesia

Elite Esports - China

Brazilian Killers - South America

Bigetron Esports - Indonesia

RRQ Athena - Thailand

All Rejection Gaming - Japan

Team Secret - Malaysia

Unique Team  - Europe 

TeamIND - India

SCARZ Black - Japan

Sixty-Nine Team - Middle East

Team SouL - India



The 16 content creators who were chosen by voting for PMSC 2019 are as follows: 


BulShark - Thailand

Dita Afifah N - Indonesia

Ken Boo - Indonesia

Kronten - India

ARXY - Russia

Dynamo Gaming - India

Gareeebooo - India

TheRawKnee - India

Rolex - USA

Mitchel - Japan


XinXuan - Taiwan

Alice MG - Indonesia

Tsulin02 - Taiwan

K7KaiChi - Russia

KisiL - South Korea


While the grand finals will take place on September 7th and 8th, teams and personalities are already on their way to Taiwan to film a mini-series which will be aired from August 16th to September 6th.