PUBG Mobile | SouL and other top teams from PMCO to play Peacekeeper Elite tournament in China

Shounak Sengupta

31o, Jul, 2019

Team SouL and the other top teams from the PMCO will be playing a Peacekeeper Elite tournament in China at the end of August. With China banning PUBGM, Tencent released Peacekeeper Elite, a game that is pretty much the same as PUBGM but and is dubbed as the rebranded version of the game. The prize pool for the tournament hasn’t been revealed yet. 


The tournament, known as the Peacekeeper Elite Global Invitational 2019 looks to be a way to promote the game in China by pitting foreign teams with Chinese teams in a LAN environment. The LAN will be a one-day event, with 6 maps being played out. 4 of these will be TPP in Erangel while 2 will FPP in Miramar. This will allow the audience to watch and experience the maps and different styles of play. 


The tournament, unlike competitive PUBG, will have 25 teams playing in each map with 15 teams from the China qualifiers joining the 10 foreign teams. Following is the list of teams which will be playing in the Peacekeeper Elite Global Invitational. 


RRQ Athena

Elite Esports

Team SouL

Brazilian Killers Gaming


GC Busan

Nova Esports

Unique Team

Spacestation Gaming

Sixty-Nine Team


Earlier today it was also announced that Team SouL and TeamIND would also be playing at PMSC 2019 in Taiwan in the start of September.