PUBG Mobile | PMCO disqualifies team from Prelims but later deletes tweet

Shounak Sengupta

20th, Jul, 2019

Less than 24 hours before the Prelims for the PMCO Spring Split Finals kick-off, the organizers had announced that From Helll, which is a team from Europe have been banned from the competition for ‘failure to abide by the rules’. But shortly after the tweet was deleted without any explanation.          


The team which primarily hails from Switzerland with one player from Mongolia will no more be part of the Prelims. They placed 3rd in the EU qualifiers and hence secured a slot in the Prelims. According to the TO, they made multiple attempts to allow From Helll to be a part of the tournament but were forced to disqualify them in the end. 

However, it seems that the situation has been resolved since the official PUBG Mobile handle have deleted the tweet. However, there seems to be a case of clear miscommunication as they made no official comment regarding it.