Portal Esports wins both CS:GO and Dota 2 championships at the Dew Gamers Arena

Vignesh Raghuram

10th, Dec, 2018

The champions have been crowned at the first edition of the Dew Gamers Arena Pakistan as Portal Esports defeated Eximious Esports in the Grand Finals of Dota 2 and Markhor in the CS:GO finals, to claim a whopping prizepool of over 1 million PKR each.


Dota 2


The Grand Finals match saw Portal Esports go up against their fierce rivals Prometheus Gaming. Both teams have players that played together under the Eximious Esports organization before they split up into their current teams.

Game 1 saw Portal hit the ground running, going for an unusual draft with a last pick Meepo. While the pick baffled most, it ended up working brilliantly as PES took down multiple towers early on and snowballed. With their Dazzle and Silencer putting on a godly defensive performance to control Prometheus' teamfight, they eventually sealed the game for Portal.

Game 2 saw the same script, as Portal Esports once again dominated Prometheus in the laning stage. Their push with their Meepo, Lycan cores just couldn’t be stopped as they mowed down tower after tower to claim yet another early set of barracks. Eventually, in triumphant fashion, Portal Esports destroyed Prometheus' Ancient to claim the title.




In the CS:GO sphere, it was Portal esports going up against Markhor for a shot at 1 Million PKR.

In Game 1, Portal Esports were just the better team. Markhor was always playing from behind on the first map: Inferno. PES dominated the pace of the game from Round 1 and completely controlled how the match progressed, securing a relatively easy 1-0 victory.

Game 2, played on Dust 2, was a lot closer with both the teams exchanging rounds repeatedly. However, Portal Esports pulled into the lead and secured a 16-10 victory to take home the championship.


The Portal Esports - League of Legends squad also won one of the biggest South Asian League of Legends tournaments, The IGE South Asia Cup bringing up their tally of trophies won, this week to 3. The organization is slowly climbing up the ladder to become one of SEA's best organizations.


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