Poem announces his departure from SZ Absolute

Aditya Singh Rawat

1o, Oct, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: SCARZ (SZ)

A day after SK Absolute won the Galleria Gamemaster Cup 2018 and qualified for both ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2018 as well as IeSF World Championship 2018, they have declared the departure of their entry fragger, Shibasaki ‘Poem’ Yumeki which can be confirmed by a tweet posted by him.

Poem had been absent for quite a while following personal issues due to which the SK Absolute had to shift Ryu ‘Reita’ Oshiro from the position of a coach to that of a stand-in, since 15th August. Although Poem did return to replace Koji ‘Laz’ Ushida at the IEM Chicago 2018 – Asian Qualifier the team couldn’t manage to have a successful run.

In today's announcement, SK Absolute explains that Poem did try to improve his skill and gameplay as an entry fragger during his sabbatical but his current form is still not up to the mark to continue playing for the side and that is why they have decided to part ways. 

Poem sent out the following tweet from his account earlier today,

It says, 

“Although it is sudden, I am leaving Scarz Absolute. I was able to experience various things for almost two years after I entered this organization. It was really fun!  

It has nothing to do with it, but as soon as all the preparations are ready, I will be travelling all around Japan until the time I am ready to return! As I want to change my miserable self! Until it is reported from the official it is just this! From now on I will be another supporter of Scarz Absolute and will always be cheering for them!”

The official tweet from SZ Absolute,

Image Credit: SCARZ (SZ)

Coach, Ryu ‘Reita’ Oshiro is expected to be the permanent replacement for Poem as he has been playing as a substitute for more than a month now. 

The current roster of SZ Absolute is as follows: 

  • Tomoaki ‘crow’ Maruoka 

  • Koji ‘Laz’ Ushida 

  • Ryo ‘barce’ Takebayashi 

  • Takemori ‘takej’ Shogo 

  • Ryu ‘Reita’ Oshiro