Playtonia in partnership with SRMIST announces the International Student Rockstar League

Aditya Singh Rawat

17th, Dec, 2018

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Esports has taken a step forward within the country as Playtonia in conjunction with SRMIST (SRM Institute of Science & Technology) has announced the International Student Rockstar League, an esports tournament for school students.

The event which has a total prize pool of INR 35,00,000 will be consisting of three game titles CS:GO, PUBG  Mobile and FIFA 2019. This is a great combination as it expands competitive gameplay to players from different platforms.

General Rules


  • The event is open to all students who are currently studying in 10th, 11th and 12th standard. 
  • The participants must have a valid student ID. 

  • All players must register on the official Student Rockstar website, information from which will be automatically updated with Playtonia as well. 

  • Participants must join the Discord channel which they will be notified about after completing registration.

Game Rules


The CS:GO title will feature a 1v1 game mode as a part of the competition being played on 3 aim maps with the sides being selected randomly each time.

  • Pistol Map 

  • Rifle Map 

  • AWP Map 

The player which manages to win any 2 out of the 3 maps will be declared as the winner of the match. 

Maximum rounds per match will be 50 with each round lasting for 1:55 Min and freeze time as 0 secs. 

In case of a draw after playing out the first 50 rounds, 3 round halves will be played to decide the winner. 

To go through all the rules, Click Here.

PUBG Mobile

The game will be played on Asia Server with a maximum player count of 80. The game mode will be solo (TPP). 

The players will be given a score of +5 for every kill that they take along with some placement points which will be distributed as follows:

To go through all the rules, Click Here.

FIFA 2019

The following game settings will be used within the competition:

The controller settings will be as follows:

A player is allowed to pause a game only twice per game.

To go through all the rules, Click Here.

Event Schedule

The registrations have already started from 10th December 2018 and will be going on till 8th March 2019

The qualifiers will be held in two phases, Online and Offline qualifiers. These qualifiers will start from 10th March 2019 to 19th May 2019 with the Finale set to be played on 8th June 2019.

The Online Qualifiers will be played for all the three titles CS:GO, FIFA 19 and PUBG Mobile while the Offline Qualifiers would only be played for CS:GO and FIFA 19.

Prize Pool Distribution

PUBG Mobile

The most trending mobile game at the moment which has taken the platform by storm is the gaming title with the maximum total prize pool of INR 2,65,000. In addition to this, the top 8 players will also get a scholarship worth INR 2,50,000

The prize pool distribution is as follows: 

  • 1st - 1,00,000 

  • 2nd - 50,000 

  • 3rd - 25,000 

  • 4th - 25,000 

  • 5th - 15,000 

  • 6th - 15,000 

  • 7th - 10,000 

  • 8th - 10,000 

  • 9th - 7,500 

  • 10th - 7,500 

FIFA 2019

The most popular sport-based game which will be there for all PlayStation enthusiasts boasts a total prize pool of INR 2,00,000 along with a scholarship worth INR 2,50,000 being given to the winner of the competition. 

  • 1st - 1,00,000 

  • 2nd - 50,000 

  • 3rd - 25,000 

  • 4th - 25,000 


The most popular esport in India that has been a sensation worldwide since the 1.6 era observes a total prize pool of INR 2,00,000 along with a scholarship worth INR 2,50,000 being provided to the winner of the competition.

  • 1st - 1,00,000 

  • 2nd - 50,000 

  • 3rd - 25,000 

  • 4th - 25,000 

Competition Format

FIFA 2019 | CS:GO

6 Offline Qualifiers will be held, 1 each in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru & Chennai. The winner of each offline qualifier will move on to play in the India Decider Qualifier.

Online qualifiers will also be held through which 2 teams will be qualifying onto the India Decider Qualifier.

The India Decider Qualifier will then witness these 8 qualified teams fight it out for the final two spots. The finalist will then play against each other at the Mega Event scheduled to take place on 8th June 2019. 

PUBG Mobile

This will only feature Online Qualifiers through which 40 winners will be selected, directly moving on to the Mega Event. 

Scholarship, Admission & Internship


  • To attain a scholarship, admission or an internship the student must appear for the SRMJEEE. 
  • The scholarship, admission and internship only cover or extend to UG courses in the SRMIST, Chennai Campus. 

  • To be eligible for a scholarship a student must be a winner (under top 10) in the International Student Rockstar League. 

  • To be eligible for an admission a student must be a winner (under top 100) in the International Student Rockstar League. 

  • To apply for an internship the student must be a winner (under top 50) in the International Student Rockstar League. Internship opportunities include training on various different job roles with an esport company including ‘Playtonia Esports’.

For more information regarding the International Student Rockstar League Click Here.

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