Playoffs too hot to handle for Signify

Shounak Sengupta

13th, Jan, 2018
The final slot in the Playoff stage for Group C came down to a deciding match between Team Signify and Gersenz late in the day for the teams. After a gruelling match, Signify prevailed. They’ve now advanced to the Round of 12.
Group Stage recap of Signify’s performance
Game 1: Signify vs Happy Feet
Signify opened their group stage against one of the strongest teams taking part in this event, Happy Feet. The game was close until the mid game, largely thanks to BlizzarD’s fantastic midlane performance on the Shadow Fiend. But when Benhur turned up the heat on his Puck, Signify saw themselves getting completely dominated by Happy Feet, as they demolished the Indian side in the late game. Benhur "Benhur" Lawis was the most consistent of the Filipino lineup, accruing 17 kills on his Puck.
Game 2: Signify vs KABAL Gaming
While the rest of Signify played really well on their heroes, accomplishing what was expected from their heroes, it was all the BlizzarD show. Completely destroying the Turkmenistan team’s midlane Venomancer on his Shadow Fiend, carrying over his great performance from Game 1. He secured 10 kills and 9 Assists with 0 Deaths. Signify easily closed out this game in 18 minutes.

Game 3: Signify vs Rock.Y
Signify’s 3rd game was up against the stronger of the 2 Chinese teams participating in this event, Rock.Y who had finished 2nd in the Chinese qualifier. Most expected this game to be an easy victory for the Chinese team, but Signify actually held their own against them. Raunak ‘Crowley’ Sen, in particular, was extremely impressive on is midlane Puck. Holding his own against the Chinese dual lane of Medusa and Winter Wyvern with some help from No_Chanc3 on his Tusk.
Unfortunately, Rock.Y took it to a whole other level when it came to the late game. Signify were just not able to deal with the ultra-farmed Medusa towards the end. The raidboss bought herself a Divine Rapier in the 39th minute and mowed down Barracks and secured Roshan. Signify watched helplessly, and later conceded the game as they couldn’t even bring her down once.
Game 4: Signify vs Gersenz
This was it. Signify had to win this game to qualify for the next round or else they’ll be eliminated. Being put in a high-pressure situation such as this, they turned to BlizzarD’s Shadow Fiend. And he delivered once again, carrying his team with yet another stellar performance in the midlane finishing the game with a KDA of 13-1-8 and securing Signify a berth in the playoffs.

Source: Liquepedia
So close yet So far, - a recap of the playoffs
Signify vs 7th Heaven
The Indo Australian matchup was highly awaited, and despite BlizzarD getting his 3 signature heroes in the 3 match series, Signify didn’t have enough firepower to cross the finishing line. In game 1, too many early deaths on Crowley’s DP and Negi’s Dark Seer swung the game the way of the Australians. Despite their best efforts, Signify were unable to take the fights evenly in the mid-game as there was a Bounty Hunter on the other side. And, with not too many heroes to catch the Tinker out, 7th Heaven kept getting ahead on track kills, taking the game at 40 minutes.
Game 2 was neck in neck for a long time, but Negi’s Doom seemed to give the Signify the edge in clashes, where he could effectively single out the Weaver for the most part. BlizzardD’s TA had a very good time in the mid-game, being able to pick up items at a good pace, and his BKB was enough to discourage 7th Heaven from fighting head-on. Despite some overextensions while taking the high ground, they had the advantage every time Exorcism was on cooldown. The game ended at the 45-minute mark.

In game 3, Crowley was playing a core Venge, a hero he hasn’t been seen playing too often and had a terrible start with 2 early deaths. His farm rate continued to be slow throughout the game while the cores on the enemy side were picking up items left, right and centre. BlizzarD’s Shadowfiend did not have enough damage to carry Signify and there simply was no answer to the Timbersaw who was running rampant in the team fights. Eventually, the Indian ran out of gas by the 39th minute and called gg.

 Not enough damage to bring down the Timbersaw. (clipped from Dotabuff) 
Signify Vs Entity
Gone are the days when Entity Vs Signify would be an all Indian affair. However, none of the hype was missing from this crucial match that was the difference between the qualification to the main event and getting knocked out. Signify looked visibly shaken by their first series and despite being on one of his most played heroes, Crowley could not have the impact he normally does on his Puck. Signify lacked the damage to group up and push and had found it hard to hold high ground when Entity came knocking. They had a decent ganking line up which ended up getting kills but were rendered ineffective when ETG grouped up. With the heroes on ETG building tanky items, even the Anti Mage found it hard to quickly bring down heroes and Signify conceded the game eventually.
Game 2 was neck in neck for the most part, but ETG looked very comfortable on their Lycan+plus Medusa and were allowed to pick it up once again. While the damage was certainly not lacking form Signify this time around, the real problem was that they had no way to cancel the BKB+Blackhole. Signify got the middle lane of barracks after a good team fight at 40 minutes in but Ab1ng’s Lycan sneaked in a Roshan dealing a severe blow to them. In the following fight, Signify brought down the Lycan twice but failed to bring down the Medusa and with no Metamorphosis on BlizzarD, were unable to hold their high ground. As a result of the victory, ETG placed joint 9th/10th and will get to play in the WESG main event.


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