Player Spotlight - Kunal "ViRu$" Tater from TAG Pro

Nishant Patel

11th, Nov, 2014
Name : Kunal Tater

IGN : ViRu$

Current Team : Team Azazel Gaming (TAG) Pro

Age : 20

Preferred Position : Hard Support (Position 5)

ClouDx : Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Please introduce yourself for our readers.

ViRu$ : 
My name is Kunal Tater. I play position 5 for Team Azazel Gaming Pro.


ClouDx : Tell us a little bit about your journey through competitive Dota. 

ViRu$ : I have been a pubber for most of my career. My past teams are Outlaw` and Accelerate.


ClouDx : TAG Pro is looking really strong at the moment. With the GameGod Games Arena LAN coming soon, how is your team preparing?

ViRu$ : We have been practicing 4-5 games daily. We are looking forward to perform well in this tournament.


ClouDx : Tell us more about Team Azazel Gaming as an organization.

ViRu$ : TAG is a NPO (Non Profit Organization). Our sponsor is an individual named Zuhaib Khan who wants the Indian scene to grow. Our current goal is 1st place at Games Arena Bangalore.


ClouDx : When and How did you end up in TAG Pro?

ViRu$ : I got in contact with our sponsor 3 months back, started trying out players to form a team. We ended up merging some of TAG players and Rapier Gaming. No_Chanc3 and Bari (ZeDisBuGG) joined lastly.


ClouDx : The SEA Dota scene has always been ahead of ours however off late it seems like teams are giving it an earnest shot. What would it take for Indian Dota 2 teams to reach their level?

ViRu$ : I think Indian gamers lack dedication that could be because of lack of sponsors. There are many skilled Indian gamers out there who can outskill top SEA players but that is individual skill. Our rosters are not stable. Excluding OG all teams have a new roster.


ClouDx : India seems to have multiple opinions on Valve's matchmaking system. What is your current MMR and what are your thoughts on the system?

ViRu$ : My current MMR is 5157 on solo and party is around 5k. MMR is a good base to guess a player's skill. Though many people have been creating new smurf accounts and boosting MMR. That is a loophole in the MMR system to me.


ClouDx : Who in your opinion are the top five players in the country? (Feel free to include yourself if you like.)

ViRu$ : Crowley, Ganaa. No Chance, Zedisbugg and Evil ash.


ClouDx : Which hero do you consider to be your strongest?

ViRu$ : Earthshaker.


ClouDx : If I'm not mistaken Games Arena will be your first big Dota 2 LAN tournament. How are you dealing with the pressure or nervousness (if any)?

ViRu$ : I am quite nervous but my team mates no chance and zedisbugg are helping me and the other players deal with the nervousness and pressure. Also our sponsor has been very supportive.

ClouDx : How do you spend your time when not playing Dota?

ViRu$ : Anime, movies and with friends.


ClouDx : That's all for now! Thanks a bunch. Any shoutouts / callouts?

ViRu$ : Shoutout to our sponsor Zuhaib Khan, my teammates and the AFK Gaming crew for considering me worthy of this interview.

We wish you and your team all the best. Cheers!


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