Perfect World Masters and ESL One Hamburg announced!

Vignesh Raghuram

12th, Sep, 2017

ESL One Hamburg


The details of the first Valve Major of the new season and the new system have been revealed. This will be 3rd Valve event of the scheduled 22. Just like the previous Valve tournaments, this one will also have 8 teams competing in the main event, with 2 direct invites and 6 qualifier teams. They will battle for the lion's share of a jaw-dropping $1,000,000 prizepool. The event is set to take place on October 28-29, in the Barclaycard Arena of Hamburg, previously the home of Hamburg’s handball and ice hockey teams.

Qualifier Schedule

Open Qualifiers:
  • September 16
Round of 512 11:30 14:00
Round of 256 13:00 15:30
Round of 128 14:30 17:00
Round of 64 16:00 18:30
  • September 17
Round of 32 11:30 14:00
Round of 16 13:00 15:30
Quarterfinals #1,#2 14:30 17:00
Quarterfinals #3, #4 16:00 18:30

Closed Qualifiers:
  • September 21
Round of 12 #1 14:30 17:00
Round of 12 #2 17:30 20:00
  • September 22
Quarterfinals #1, #2 14:30 17:00
Quarterfinals #3, #4 17:30 20:00
  • September 23
Semifinals #1 14:30 17:00
Semifinals #2 17:30 20:00
  • September 24
Grand Finals 14:30 17:00
Qualifiers Format

Open Qualifiers: 
  • Up to 512 teams
  • Single elimination, BO1s (except for the last round, which will be BO3s)
  • 4 teams qualify for the closed qualifier

Closed Qualifiers:
  • 12 teams in total
  • Single elimination, BO3s (except for The Grand Finals, which is a BO5)
  • 8 teams directly invited 
  • 4 teams qualify through open qualifiers
  • The top 4 teams get a bye in round 1

Registration Information

Open qualifiers for all regions outside China are being held through the ESL Play website. You can register for them on the below links

Registrations close on 16th September 2017. Only 512 slots are available, so hurry up and register your team before they close.

Perfect World Masters


The details of the first Chinese event of the season have just been announced. Perfect World will be hosting the 3rd Minor of the year, "The Perfect World Masters" on Nov 20-26, in Shanghai. The tournament will have $300,000 and Qualification Points for TI8 on the line. 

They will also be the first tournament in the new system to have 10 teams compete in the main event. 3 Teams will be invited, while 7 others will make it through the Qualifiers. NA, EU, CIS, SA and SEA will have 1 Qualifier slot each while China will have 2 slots.

Qualifier Information
  • Open Qualifier Schedule
Regions Dates
Europe September 21-22
North America September 22-23
SEA September 23-24
CIS September 23-24
South America September 23-24
  • Closed Qualifier Schedule
September 26th to September 29th
  • The format of the qualifiers is yet to be revealed.
 Registration Information

Open qualifiers for all regions outside China are being held on FACEIT, You can register for them on the below links.
Registrations close on 19th September 2017. So hurry up and register your team!!
Broadcast Information

AFK Gaming will be streaming the SEA Open Qualifier matches on our Twitch Channel.

Images sourced from Perfect World and ESL One


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