Patch 7.20d released with balance changes and nerfs along with Treasure of the Azure Fervor

Shounak Sengupta

1st, Dec, 2018

The conclusion of the Regional Qualifiers for the Chongqing Major was met with the release of patch 7.20d, which has some significant changes and reworks that is sure to make the upcoming Bucharest Minor qualifiers interesting.

Phase boots now has an active instead of a passive

The newly reworked Phase boots has been reverted back to its former version with an active instead of a passive which used to be enabled by a right click attack. However, the new build up and cost will remain. The attribute gain for Power treads has been increased to 14 while Tranquil gets a 4% decrease in movement speed.

Nerfs across the board for heroes with exceptionally high win/pick rates

Axe, Dazzle, Brewmaster, Rubik and KOTL all received decently big nerfs that is sure to affect their popularity in the pro scene. The gold bounty on KOTL’s Will-o-Wisp means that it can’t be used as freely while Brewmaster’s cooldown on the split has gone up to 120 seconds at the max level. Magnus, Axe and Dazzle all received nerfs in terms of their scaling.


Find the full changelog here.


Along with the patch, Valve also released a new chest, Treasure of the Azure Fervor.



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