Overtime Thriller - OpTic India exceeds expectations at the Toyota Master Bangkok 2018 SEA Qualifier

Aditya Singh Rawat

7o, Oct, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: OpTic India

The Toyota Master Bangkok 2018 – SEA Qualifier started on 4th October with more than 200 teams participating in the open online qualifier.

Amongst the teams taking part in the qualifier was the best Indian CS:GO team, OpTic India, who made it all the way to the semifinals before their charge was halted by the Korean powerhouse, MVP PK.

This is OpTic India's heroic adventure into the SEA qualifier, where they have most certainly stood out and turned quite a few heads in their direction.

Humble Beginnings

OpTic India who registered for the qualifiers were the 2nd highest seeded team among all participating teams and hence skipped the initial round to directly enter the competition from the second round.

Round of 128

OpTic India faced-off against JoblessFreaks as their first opponents in the qualifier. A heavily one-sided match that was taken care of easily by the likes of OpTic India, as they moved on to face 1Percent in the next round. 

OpTic India defeated 1Percent on Dust 2 without breaking a sweat with a score of ‘16-3’. It seemed like a good practice session for the games to come as OpTic took care of their opponents without revealing any major tactics or plays, on one of their strongest maps.

Round of 64

Next team in-line to lock horns with OpTic India was PGBarracX. The two fought it out on Inferno, where the Green Wall stood strong once again taking down their opponents with a dominating performance, with scores similar to that of their previous match.

Skilled Beatdown

Round of 16

Entering the Ro16, OpTic India was finally up against a challenging opponent in the form of GOSU, one of the top Korean teams. The match started off with both the teams exchanging blows evenly for the first eight rounds or so, after which GOSU picked momentum and leaving OpTic in its wake took a comfortable lead of five rounds at half-time.

OpTic India determined and unaffected by the first half's collapse hunted down GOSU, round after round until the scores were levelled at ‘11-11'. But no team was backing off this easy as the game went into overtime followed by another one where OpTic India was finally able to pull it off and take the win with a score of ‘22-20’

Forsaken was hands down the shining star in this match as he took a whopping 48 kills, with no other player from OpTic even managing to cross into the thirties. In a nutshell, the team held nerves of steel pulling away this victory from the hands of GOSU.


OpTic India faced Beyond Esports in their Quarterfinal clash which took place on Overpass. The best team from Thailand not as much of a threat to OpTic as one might have anticipated them to be, OpTic India constantly outplayed them and even managed to squeeze rounds where they were cornered or countered by their opponents. 

Winning the game with a score of ‘16-10’, OpTic India advanced to the semi-finals where they took on MVP PK.


Facing off against the Korean giants, OpTic India had set out on a Herculean task to defeat them and move into the finals of the qualifier.

The first match took place on Nuke where OpTic India stood no chance against the Korean onslaught. MVP secured the lead within the first half as they gave away just two rounds in the latter part of the match to take a single-sided '16-7' victory, leaving quite a dent in the undefeated Greenwall.

The second bout took place on Inferno where OpTic India started off weak but bounced back, gathering confidence as the rounds went on to take the lead in the first half. MVP retaliated in the latter half to equalize the score at game point and push the game into overtime. 

A valiant effort by OpTic brought them back in the first overtime which extended the game onto the second one, where multiple mistakes by OpTic and some great plays by MVP sealed the deal for the Koreans, who moved on to become the first finalists of the qualifier.

Fans were slightly disappointed as OpTic India did have a good chance to stand victorious but what an amazing run it has been for the Indian powerhouse. We will witness more action from these guys in the upcoming ZOWIE  eXTREMESLAND 2018 Main Event, so stay tuned and keep supporting!