OMEN by HP announces $50,000 PUBG Challenger Series for the APAC Region

Vignesh Raghuram

23o, Aug, 2018
HP has announced the inaugural OMEN by HP Challenger Series - an amateur PUBG tournament that will feature squads from 11 Asia Pacific countries. The finale of the event will be held in Bangkok, Thailand where the top 2 squads from each qualifier will represent their country.

The team qualifiers will kick off online on 14th September 2018.
Format, Rules and Prize Money

Each of the 11 countries will have their own open qualifiers with two teams from each country qualifying for the main event. The list of countries is as follows :
New Zealand 14th to 16th Sept Registration Link
Malaysia 15th to 16th Sept Registration Link
China 22nd to 23rd Sept Registration Link
Singapore 22nd to 23rd Sept Registration Link
Japan 29th to 30th Sept Registration Link
Australia 6th to 7th Oct Registration Link
South Korea 6th to 7th Oct Registration Link
India 6th to 7th Oct Registration Link
Philippines 13th to 14th Oct Registration Link
Indonesia 13th to 14th Oct Registration Link
Thailand 20th to 21st Oct Registration Link
Conditions and Guidelines
  • Each squad can consist of a maximum of FOUR players
  • ONE stand-in is allowed in the tournament
  • 3 players of the main roster must be from the same country (i.e. citizen or legal residents) as the country qualifier
  • Professional players are not allowed to participate in this tournament as per guidelines set by PUBG Corp.
  • Qualified teams must have valid travel documents (i.e. passport / travel visa) to travel to Thailand for the main event.
Tournament Rules
  • Battle Perspective: First Person Perspective Mode (FPP)
  • Scoring: Ranks and Kills - teams will earn base points for their ranks and additional points for kills
  • Event Maps: Erangel and Miramar

Click HERE for the full rules and regulations.

Prize Money

The total prize pool for the event is USD 50,000 with a portion of this amount being allocated towards an influencer competition. Details for this have not been revealed yet.
National qualifier winners will receive USD 240 while qualifier Runner Ups will receive USD 200.

The distribution for the main event is as follows :
  • Winner - USD 20,000
  • 1st Runner-Up - USD 10,000
  • 2nd Runner-Up - USD 5,000
For more information about the tournament visit