Ohaiyo + Yamateh + Ky.Xy stack seen playing in the DAC SEA Open Qualifiers

Shounak Sengupta

31o, Jan, 2018
The ex Fnatic offlaner may not have left his old team under the best of terms but it doesn’t look like he’s lost any love for Dota as he quickly got back into the groove, kicking things off by taking part in the SEA Open Quals for DAC 2018.
The stack although looks temporary is actually a pretty scary roster, with the likes of Ky.Xy, Yamateh/NWP, Meracle and Net joining Ohaiyo. However, Ohaiyo seems to be playing the carry role, rather than his usual offlane position which has been taken over by Ky.Xy. Singaporean star Meracle is on the mid lane while Net and NWP are the two supports for this stack.
They are currently in the ro16 and will be playing against Team Admiral who have replaced Armel with Ben-Hur, in what could turn out to be an exciting affair. Also in the ro16 are Malaysia’s Team Flash, PG.BarracX who took down Echo International, and Boom ID who are looking to pick things back up after InyourDream’s departure.
AFKGaming will be following the DAC Open Qualifiers and from 15:30 IST/18:00 SGT so do tune into what is turning out to be a thriller of an Open Qualifier.
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