OGA Dotapit Minor : BOOM ID surprise Gambit in opening series

Shounak Sengupta

22nd, Apr, 2019

Cover Image source : OGADotapit

Indonesian side, BOOM ID, who are playing in their 3rd consecutive Minor of the season, started off the tournament with a solid performance against Gambit Esports. The Russian are no doubt the better side having reached the finals of both the previous Minors, so the result does come as a bit of a surprise.


BOOM started the series with a laboured win in game 1, using a high control focused lineup to come out ahead in engagements. In game 2 Gambit struck back on the back of Daxak’s Lifestealer, who won his lane convincingly and proceeded to snowball pretty hard. In the series decider, BOOM went all in on the mid game, and were able to close it out on the back of an OD, Ursa and Omniknight, who were simply too hard to contest for the Gambit draft.


Elsewhere in Group A, RNG came back from a game behind to beat NiP 2-1. In group B, Alliance is currently facing Ehome while Forward Gaming will take on Majestic Esports later on. The group stages will be of utmost importance as the lower bracket matchups in the playoffs are all bo1s till the semifinals.


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