OG vs OpenAI: Can the TI champs take down their most formidable opponent yet?

Shounak Sengupta

13th, Apr, 2019

Having won over 17 million USD, since their inception in 2015, OG has won it all and done it all and are arguably the most successful Dota 2 team in the world. With 4 Majors and one TI victory under their belt, few can dispute the legendary status of OG. Colourful personalities, juicy storylines and energetic Dota make them entertaining to watch and emotional to follow. In August of 2018, the OG squad won TI8, leaving audiences around the world in a total frenzy after an incredible underdog run which few expected from them.


Having conquered everything that Dota has to offer, OG are taking on a new challenge, one that is expected to push them to the very edge. The world champions face the dreaded OpenAI, a team of AI Bots who have bested some of the top names in Dota. Last year, the bots beat a team of pros, former pros and talent consisting of Capitalist, Blitz, Fogged, Merlini and Moonmeander in a bo3.


This time the competition is fiercer, with the bots having been tweaked on and worked upon to take on a team of professionals. Of course, like last time, there will be restrictions and limitations that take away some of the complexity from a game of Dota 2, but they will be revealed later. Nonetheless, the OpenAI show matches have always been interesting and fascinating and the technology itself challenges the boundaries of advancement in the space.

OG versus OpenAI kicks off at 11 pm IST (13/4/2019) / 1 30 AM SGT (14/4/2019). You can watch the Humans vs Machines showdown live on Twitch


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