NRG & Mousesports qualify for the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat

21st, Jul, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: StarLadder CS:GO

The Americas & Europe Minor Championship continued on with its playoffs with NRG & Mousesports making their way through to the Berlin Major, as the first teams from their respective minors.

The winners final for both the minor championships played out today, while it was NRG taking down INTZ for the Americas, Mousesports were the ones to go through after defeating North from Europe

NRG Fight Well

The American organization who is currently the fifth-ranked team in the world according to HLTV rank list were always the running favourites to make it through the Americas minor. They conquered the minors in a dominating manner, winning seven maps in a row and not dropping a single one.

INTZ were brilliant in their own right and still might have a chance to make it through to the Majors, as they face FURIA in the loser’s final, who knocked out Sharks earlier in the day, as another Brazilian derby went far smoother than expected. But with INTZ in great form and FURIA making waves, let’s see how this match-up goes tomorrow.

Mousesports Through To The Majors

The team that had struggled throughout the group stage were in crazy form yesterday as they defeated the strongest team in the competition, Fnatic. Going up against North in the winners final, many had called for mouz to make it and they did it in style by defeating North in two straight games.

North is very much still in contention for a slot in the majors as they go down to the lower bracket to faceoff against CR4ZY in the loser’s final. Earlier in the day, massive disappointment had struck fans as Fnatic were eliminated from the minor following a ‘2-0’ defeat against CR4ZY.

After finishing the group stage in such a strong manner, it wasn’t at all expected from Fnatic to get eliminated from the Minor, on the contrary, they were being hailed as a sure shot team to enter the majors. This has got to be really disappointing for the team who currently rank thirteen on the global rank list.

With one slot being taken by NRG and Mousesports, there is one more slot yet to be filled from each minor. Let’s see which teams are hungry enough to make it to the Majors at all costs.