New Dota 2 Ranked Season will begin in January

Vignesh Raghuram

19o, Dec, 2018

The official Dota 2 Twitter has just revealed the dates for the next Dota 2 Ranked Season. The new season will reportedly arrive in January 2019. The ranked seasons in Dota 2 are a chance for players to recalibrate their medals and possibly improve their standing.


The current Season 2 of Dota 2 ranked started on the 6th June 2018. The different ranks in Dota 2 depend on your MMR. Each win allows a +25 MMR while a loss means a -25 MMR for players. While there are no fixed tiers for the next rank, the approximate levels are based on your performance over the season.

Last season, when the ranked seasons were renewed, a new rank: Immortal was introduced. It’ll be interesting to see if the new ranked season brings in more changes to the model.