Na'Vi against Astralis in the Grand Finale of FACEIT Major London 2018

Aditya Singh Rawat

23o, Sep, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: Na' Vi

The third day of the FACEIT Major 2018 Champions Stage witnessed two semifinals take place and carve a path towards the grand finale taking place today. 

The first semifinal was held between Na'Vi and MIBR while the second saw Liquid square-off against Astralis. Both the matches were a BO3 series with the winners of the two games moving on to face each other in the finals.

Na' Vi vs MIBR

Navi took on MIBR in the first semifinal game of the day. 

Both the teams got off to a decent start in the first match being played on Overpass, but it was Navi who took the lead stacking multiple rounds in quick succession while playing T-side. Navi held their momentum after the half as well, now with a mammoth lead in the match.  

One round away from victory Navi faced quite a solid resistance from MIBR as they extended the match for five extra rounds before giving way to the Ukranian Squad, who won the first match with a score of ‘16-10’

The teams faced off again on Dust 2 where Navi proved yet again that the map is not their weakness any longer as they hit MIBR hard and kept at it until they won the round with a solid score of ‘16-5’. Taking the series ‘2-0’, Navi becomes the first finalist of the tournament.

Liquid vs Astralis

The second semifinal was held between Liquid and Astralis. 

Astralis wiped Liquid with a clean ‘2-0’ victory winning the two matches with almost similar scores. The first beatdown took place on Nuke where the teams were on almost equal footing till halftime after which Astralis executed some risky plays which resulted in rewards rather than regret. Astralis won the first match with a score of ‘16-8’

The second match was in control of Astralis right from the get-go. Astralis dominated the first half playing CT-sided on Mirage giving away just three of the fifteen rounds. The latter half witnessed Liquid flail around a bit before finally being put to rest, as Astralis took the match ‘16-7’ and moved onto the finals to face Navi.

Stay tuned as we witness some intense action between the top two teams in the world take place tonight. 

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