NASR & GOSU qualify for the WESG 2018 - Closed Qualifier

Aditya Singh Rawat

19o, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: Extremesland Official

The WESG Online Qualifiers for the Asian Region continue to take place with two more of them concluding yesterday on 18th November.

East Asia Open Qualifier 2

The WESG 2018 – East Asia Open Qualifier 2 was the first one to conclude. The online qualifier was hosted on FACEIT and witnessed registration from around 20 teams. 

These teams followed a BO1, single elimination format down to the quarterfinals after which the match-ups were played as a BO3 series.

This is how the East Asia Qualifiers went down:

Image Credit: FACEIT

GOSU Qualifies

GOSU defeated Team mvso in their Quarterfinal match-up with a score of ‘16-9’ on Train.

Moving ahead into the Semifinals they locked horns against 29/90 Esports. The two teams had a great hustle in both the matches but GOSU were the ones to rally some quick rounds during the start of the second halves in both the encounters, which led to their sustenance as they defeated 29/90 by a series score of ‘2-0’ to qualify for the Finals.

Their final bout took place against 5Power Gaming who didn’t prove to be much of a problem for the Korean team who passed them quite comfortably with consecutive wins and qualified through the qualifier.

With this, GOSU wins the East Asia Open Qualifier 2 and move ahead onto the WESG 2018 – East Asia Closed Qualifier where they will face MVP PK who were the winners of the East Asia Open Qualifier 1.

South & West Asia Open Qualifier 1

Following the East Asia Qualifier, the WESG 2018 – South & West Open Qualifier 1 also came to an end yesterday with NASR Esports finishing at the very top and qualifying ahead onto the Closed Qualifier. 

The qualifier was hosted online on FACEIT with 33 teams participating in it. These teams followed a BO1, single elimination format until the Quarterfinals following which the remaining matches were played as a BO3 series. 

This is all the action that took place in the qualifier:

Image Credit: FACEIT

Indian Update

A bunch of Indian teams were witnessed taking part in the qualifier but only two of them were able to proceed until the semifinals. Entity Gaming along with 2ez Gaming were the two Indian teams that almost made it through to the Closed Qualifier.

Entity had a smooth ride up to the semifinals where they lost to NASR Esports after a hard-fought BO3 series which went down to a decider, leading to a victory for NASR who took the series by a score of ‘2-1’. 2ez Gaming was also successful in reaching the semifinals but crumbled against the mighty ForGlory.

NASR Qualifies

The Finals took place between NASR and ForGlory which observed two matches going into overtime along with NASR continuing its merciless domination on Inferno. 

ForGlory won the first match on Mirage with a score of ‘19-17’ followed by a comeback by NASR on Inferno with the scoreboard reading ‘16-9’. The decider was played on Dust 2, witnessing a double-overtime being won by NASR by a score of ‘22-19’.

With this, NASR Esports win the South & West Asia Qualifier 1 and will now move on to the WESG 2018 – South & West Closed Qualifier, whose dates are yet to be decided.