NASR, Flash, FrostFire &TNC qualify for the Playoffs of ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2018

Aditya Singh Rawat

19th, Oct, 2018

ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2018 continued to take place after all the Elimination Matches came to an end earlier in the day with OpTic India getting disqualified from the event followed by D13, Beyond & Revolution making it to the Decider Matches, where they faced NASR, Flash & FrostFire, respectively.

This is how the Decider Matches proceeded, 

Group – A

NASR went up against D13 in the first decider match-up of the day. 

The first match which took place on Inferno was a really tough game as both the teams stepped up their game, punishing the slightest mistake that the opponent was foolish enough to commit. NASR was able to push back D13 in the latter half of the game showing more confidence playing T-sided and executed a few risky moves that paid off, resulting in a win with a score of ‘16-12’.

The second match was predicted to be a comeback for D13, who displayed great promise with their performance in the previous match, but what followed was a nightmare for the side who only managed to win one round in the first half after which the victory was pretty much sealed for NASR. The match which took place on Overpass concluded with a score of ‘16-4’, as NASR became the second team to qualify from the group following 5Power. 

Group – B

The decider match for this group witnessed Flash going up against Beyond

Flash won both the matches quite comfortably although Beyond tried their level best to defeat the reigning champions. The two matches took place on Mirage and Cache where Flash took control of the match slow and steady without trying anything fancy or unique, wining with the scores of ‘16-8’ & ‘16-10’, respectively. 

Flash managed to qualify for the Playoffs behind Chiefs to finish second in the group.

Group – C

FrostFire went up against Revolution in the decider match-up.

The first match between the two teams took place on Train where FrostFire faced a hefty competition from Revolution, who were charged up to overthrow the Malaysian powerhouse and associate themselves with yet another upset.

The match went into overtime where FrostFire calmed down and executed some epic plays that winded the game in their favour, as they closed it down with a score of ‘19-17’.

The second match was played on Cache where Revolution continued with their onslaught this time finding success more frequently, as they found themselves leading with a rounds advantage with the score reading ‘10-9’. 

But FrostFire was not done yet as they shifted gears to shut down Revolution and gained momentum to win the match with a score of ‘16-11’, qualifying for the Playoffs.

Group – D

TNC locked horns with XCN for the last remaining position within the Playoffs.

The two teams faced each other on Inferno in their first match where TNC defeated XCN with the score of ‘16-11’. Taking a lead in the first half itself, TNC kept building upon their lead and took the game away from XCN, who tried their best but just could not stop TNC who were playing a far superior game than their adversaries. 

The second match was played on Train where XCN made a great comeback against TNC. This time around XCN was in control of the game throughout and finished clean without any panic, playing in a confident manner to topple TNC with the scoreboard reading ‘16-12’ in their favour.

The final match was played on Dust 2 where TNC went in all guns blazing and before XNC could bring the situation under control the scoreboard was reading ‘10-1’. From here on out TNC cruised along with XNC winning a few rounds, but they were not able to come back into the match effectively which led to TNC winning the decider match with a score of ‘16-7’.

With this, TNC becomes the last team making it into the qualifiers as XCN are eliminated from the event.

That is all for today and stay tuned as we bring you all the updates about the Playoffs for ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2018 which are set to start tomorrow.

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