MVP PK acquire the GOSU trio of HSK, stax and Jinx to complete their roster

Aditya Singh Rawat

9th, Mar, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: Team MVP

MVP PK just a day after announcing the departure of two of their senior most players, solo and glow, announced the addition of Kim ‘HSK’ Hae-seong, Kim ‘stax’ Gu-taek and Jeong ‘Jinx’ Hong-kyo via their Facebook page.

The three players acquired are the talented GOSU trio who are quite young and bursting with potential. Both Jinx and stax are just a little more than two years old into the competitive scene, they have shown great promise and that might be the reason behind them being picked by the Korean powerhouse.

HSK is the oldest of the lot at 24 and has the experience and the skill to be part of MVP. An ex-member who has played with the team before while also serving as a long time player for MVP Project, HSK is settled well into the scene bringing stability to the line-up.

With the newly added players MVP PK is now operating a 6 man squad. Mostly the players will be constantly rotating over the next few weeks as they try out different iterations of the lineup to see which one turns out to be most successful.


I think it was high time that MVP underwent a change and according to me, it was a right call to take solo and glow off the roster. MVP needs to look towards its future and it has to start working towards it. The young line-up now at their disposal has a good number of years in front of them while being promising players that can see the team breakout in the international scene.

The six-man roster is a new beginning for the Korean team and though they might not be able to deliver right from the get-go, a few months down the line when the team acquires stability, they can be quite a force to reckon with.

The current MVP PK line-up is as follows,

  • Min-Seok ‘zeff’ Park

  • Hyun0Gyi ‘XigN’ Lee

  • Seon-Ho ‘xeta’ Son

  • Hae-Sung ‘HSK’ Kim

  • Hong-Gyo ‘Jinx’ Jung

  • Gu-Taek ‘stax’ Kim

  • Seon-Ho ‘termi’ Pyeon [Coach]