Mineski to invest 2 million USD into the Indonesian esports market

Shounak Sengupta

18th, Dec, 2018

Cover image source: MET

The Indonesian esports scene will receive a massive boost in terms of money as Mineski looks to invest around 2 million USD into the scene. Of late, esports in SEA has seen some significant amount of money poured into it with the government stepping up in countries like Malaysia. Mineski, despite being a company based out of the Philippines is looking to grow the scene across the whole of SEA in an attempt to mobilize and capture the market that is yet to be fully tested.


As a brand, Mineski has 4 major verticals under them. Mineski.net is a website which serves esports content, Mineski Infinity, a cyber cafe network with various branches across the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Mineski Pro Team is a team of international esports rosters and players competing at the highest level in their respective titles. And finally they have MET or the Mineski Events Team, which looks to organize top tier esports events in the SEA region and bring international exposure through such events.


“We are planning to invest aggressively for the next following years to encourage the growth spurt of the nation’s esports industry, so that we could catch up with other leading countries,” Agustian Hwang, Mineski’s Indonesia manager said. “Armed with the knowledge and experience we got after being in the industry for 14 years, we are optimistic to be able to raise the bar of the esports industry in Indonesia.”


As per the plan, Mineski aims to execute the Garuda Cup, Indonesia Professional Gaming League and the Jakarta Masters for Dota2 in 2019. To achieve this, they are tying up with internet service providers, Telkomsel, an e-commerce company called Tokopedia and transportation based company called Go-Jek.


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