Mineski setup a clash against Neon Esports in the Grand Finals

Vignesh Raghuram

23rd, Dec, 2018

For the first time in their history, Signify will not be playing in the Grand Finals of an Indian LAN. They fell to Mineski in the Lower Bracket finals, booking a place in the Grand Finals against Neon Esports.

If you weren’t at the venue, watching the games unfold. Don’t worry, we got your back. Here’s a brief recap.


Signify vs Mineski


Signify picked up a push heavy draft with a Pugna and Juggernaut as their core heroes, while Mineski went for the tried and tested Phantom Assassin-Dazzle as their cores. Although the laning phase was quite even, Signify managed to push down multiple towers securing a formidable networth advantage.

However, JT on the PA found himself securing a ridiculous amount of farm and utilizing it to secure Mineski’s passage back into the game. Kpii on the Underlord also farmed himself a Crimson Guard+Pipe of Insight which made Mineski nay unkillable.

Signify just ran out of Damage, while the endless crits of JT saw Mineski win a teamfight under Signify’s tier 3 towers and secure the win.

Earlier today, in the first match of the day Mineski brought down LXG Esports in a relatively quick match to set up a fight for their spot in the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals will kick off in just a while. Stay tuned to AFK Gaming for further updates.



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