Mineski qualify for Epicenter XL Major

Vignesh Raghuram

21st, Feb, 2018
Mineski have qualified for the Epicenter XL Major with their 2-0 victory over TNC Pro Team at the South East Asia qualifier earlier today.
Mineski were unstoppable across the entire qualifier, only dropping a single game against Execration in the Group Stages(They ended up winning that BO3 series), before going to clean sweep the Playoffs 2-0ing Geek Fam in the Semi Finals and 2-0ing TNC Pro Team in the Grand Finals.

Mineski won the first game in an epic brawlfest lasting 1:03:31 with a kill score of 39 to 34 with Kam "Moon" Boon Seng as the MVP of the game with a 16-4-17 KDA. They closed the second game out at just 28:48, with a killscore of 28 to 6. Daryl “iceiceice” Koh’s offlane Chen was just unplayable as he setup kills over the map with his early movements.

Epicenter XL will take place between April 27 to May 6 in Moscow, Russia. Mineski is the first team who have qualified for the event through regional qualifiers. The Europe, CIS, SA, NA and China Qualifiers will be taking place over the next few days followed by the ‘Madness Qualifier’.

Virtus Pro, Team Liquid, Team Secret, Na’vi and Newbee were confirmed as the 5 invited teams for the event earlier today.


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