Mineski, Keen Gaming, coL, and paiN Gaming eliminated from the MDL Disneyland Major

Vignesh Raghuram

10o, May, 2019

Today we saw four more teams eliminated from The MDL Disneyland Major as Day 1 at the main event of the MDL Disneyland Paris Major stripped Mineski, Keen Gaming, compLexity Gaming and paiN Gaming of their championship hopes.

There really were no surprises that popped up today as all of the favourites managed to knock out the underdogs in 2-0 sweeps, making for an uneventful day at Disneyland.


PSG.LGD vs compLexity Gaming


The start of the day's matches saw PSG.LGD mow down compLexity Gaming in a swift 2-0 sweep. PSG.LGD gained and maintained a healthy lead in game one winning all three lanes, and then transitioning into an easy victory in the midgame. Game 2 was also more of the same as PSG.LGD never really looked like dropping a game.

Virtus.Pro vs Mineski


Following that massacre, Mineski stepped up against the best team in this season’s DPC table: Virtus.Pro. Although Mineski did put up quite a fight against the CIS powerhouse, the sheer skill and experience of the VP was quite simply too much for Mineski to Handle. They conceded the series 2-0 and bowed out of the tournament with 150 DPC points.

Team Liquid vs paiN Gaming


In game one of the 3rd elimination match of the day, paiN Gaming got themselves off to a great start with multiple kills and great farming efficiency to give themselves a 10k networth lead. However, as is the case for almost all SA teams, paiN Gaming made some crucial errors in decision making, allowing Team Liquid to make their way back into the game on the back of an incredibly farmed Miracle Medusa to secure a 1-0 comeback victory.

Game 2 was also quite even for the majority of the early and mid game with paiN showing great resilience and great aggression. However, their lack of LAN experience proved to be their undoing once again, as multiple consecutive botched team fights allowed the Europeans to make their comeback once again and secure the 2-0 series victory.

Vici Gaming vs Keen Gaming


Vici Gaming eliminated their fellow Chinese brethren Keen Gaming 2-0 in a bloodbath of series with both teams trading blow for blow throughout the course of the series. Both games were relatively even, but It was the Dreamleague Major Champions who emerged on top on both matches after Keen Gaming simply couldn't close out the series.

The action is scheduled to resume tomorrow, May 10 at 01:30 PM IST with the winner bracket series between Team Secret and OG