Mineski Dominant in the Group Stages of Captains Draft 4.0 Minor

Vignesh Raghuram

5o, Jan, 2018
The Captains Draft 4.0 Minor kicked off its GSL Format groups stages earlier today. Our sole SEA representative Mineski has secured first place in its group and thereby has become the number 1 seed thanks to two scintillating victories over Vici Gaming and Team Secret.

Jabz was the star performer for Mineski across both games as he made a few highly clutch plays to drag Mineski across the finish line.
Here is a short recap of Mineski’s two games in case you missed them.
Game 1: Mineski vs Vici Gaming

In the first game for the SEA team, Mineski picked a strong pick composition that featured a Mushi Tiny, Moon Queen of Pain, IceIceIce Visage, JabZ Earth Shaker, and ninjaboogie on the rarely picked Dark Willow (Captains mode restrictions). Despite a sloppy start early in the match, Mineski hit their power spikes in the mid game and used their pick comp to great effect. Finding pickoff after pick off, on the Vici Gaming cores. Mineski began to snowball heavily in the mid game (Partially thanks to Young.Eleven leaving his Arcane Boots on the ground and forgetting about it).

Mineski quickly took down objective after objective securing themselves a large networth lead. The team closed out the game in dominant fashion, leading 15-2 in kills with an 11k gold lead.
Game 2: Mineski vs Team Secret

Mineski’s 2nd game of the day was against arguably the favorites of the tournament, Team Secret who had taken down Team Empire earlier in the day to advance into the 1st place decider match against Mineski.
Ninjaboogie had a stellar performance on his Shadow Shaman in the early game securing 5 kills within the first 3 minutes of the game. Crucial kills, since Mineski had picked up quite a greedy lineup against Team Secret’s aggressive cores. But Team Secret found their way back into the game through some great decision making in the Mid Game.
Though the kills were almost even twenty minutes into the game, Team Secret had managed to accrue a significant lead thanks to Ace’s Gyrocopter. His efficient Farming gave them a near 5k gold lead. But an unbelievable Rosh snatch by JabZ on the Nyx Assassin gave Mineski an opening to turn the game in their favor.

Mineski fully capitalized through some unconventional Tidehunter play from IceIceIce and great initiations from Jabz and Moon on the Ember Spirit. Though the game dragged on for a bit longer, Mineski was able to teamwipe Team Secret a couple more times to secure themselves a victory.

It also puts them top of Group Horse and gives them the choice of either Complexity or paiN-Gaming as their opponent in the playoffs.

As for the rest of Group Horse, Vici Gaming finished in 2nd Place after a huge comeback victory against Team Empire followed by a convincing win against Team Secret. 


On the other side of the bracket, OG stood strong, beating out Complexity and Pain Gaming to finish in 1st Place while EG's offlane experiment mostly delivered bar a massive throw in their first game against Complexity thereby finishing in 2nd place. Pain Gaming and Complexity were the two teams at the bottom of the barrel in Group Hippo.

The Playoffs kick off tomorrow at 09:00 PM IST | 11:30 PM SGT | 04:30 PM CET. Don’t miss it. Catch all the action live HERE.