Mineski comeback from oblivion to beat out Complexity at the SL ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor

Vignesh Raghuram

14th, Jun, 2019

Image Courtesy: Mineski

The Day 2 of the SL ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor has finally come to a close. Group B including  Mineski, NiP, Complexity Gaming and Team Sirius went toe-to-toe with each other to determine who would make their way into the playoffs.

NiP emerged on top of Team Sirius in the first series of Group B with a tense 2-1 victory, setting up the stage for Complexity Gaming and Mineski.


Complexity Gaming vs Mineski


Game 1: The first game of the series went the way of Complexity Gaming after Mineski’s Morphling-IO combo never really started to get on a roll. Complexity Gaming on the other hand completely destroyed the laning phase to take full control of the game and snowballed to victory, using that momentum.


Game 2: Mineski responded with a fairly unorthodox lineup featuring an offlane Warlock and an Enchantress for ninjaboogie. Ninjaboogie completely overwhelmed Complexity Gaming with his rotations in the early game, allowing Ahjit to get off to a great start on his Ember Spirit.

Ahjit had an incredible game as he pushed his hero to the limit, taking part in 34 of the team’s 36 kills without a single death. They eased past compLexity in 31 minutes to setup a deciding third game.


Game 3: Complexity Gaming started Game 3 on the front foot, grabbing control of the game with Limmp and Meracle beginning to snowball out of control in the Early-Mid Game. Mineski was left reeling for a way back into the game.

Complexity had managed to amass a 95% win probability as they took down the mid-lane of barracks, and both Tier 4 towers without any reply from Mineski. However, Complexity botched their retreat which allowed Mineski to find their way back into the game as they secured 4 kills in a row, gaining a lot of gold which allowed them to finish a ton of key items on their core heroes.

Utilizing that farm, Mineski took control of the game and dictated the tempo, farming up an advantage and teamwiped compLexity Gaming to secure the win and book their place in the winner’s match of Group B.


Mineski will now face NiP for a place in the Upper Brackets in the winner’s match of Group B. Complexity, on the other hand, will find themselves in an elimination match against Team Sirius later today.



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