Mineski are through to the Semifinals of the Captains Draft Minor

Vignesh Raghuram

6th, Jan, 2018
Mineski pulled out an absolute clinic of a performance against the South American Squad, Pain Gaming to emerge victorious in the first game of the playoffs in a commanding display of superior Dota. Read on for our recap of the series.

The series started off with Pain Gaming winning the side select toss in a very entertaining fashion.
Mineski vs Pain Gaming

Game 1:
Teams have been banning Dark Willow throughout the entire event because that hero is ridiculously powerful in the hands of a seasoned pro. You just don’t give your opponents the opportunity to pick her, especially someone like iceiceice. Pain Gaming learned that lesson the hard way as iceiceice completely took control of the game with the early game power of one of the newest heroes in the game.
Pain Gaming’s Drow centric lineup just couldn’t manage to get the ball rolling in their court. JabZ on the Earthshaker and iceiceice were just too distruptive and heavily pressured the Pain Gaming cores while Mushi on the Spectre and Moon on the Mirana just farmed.
Pain Gaming just looked hopeless against the onslaught of the SEA team and had to tap out in under 30 minutes.

Game 2:
If Game 1 was domination, then Game 2 was extermination, we saw Mineski pick up where they had just left off, with an unconventional draft featuring Jabz on a Position 4 Centaur, Moon on a safelane Shadow Fiend and iceiceice on his signature Bristleback. And surprisingly, the draft worked flawlessly, Jabz combined up with ninjaboogie on Pugna to completely shut down the enemy offlaners's farm and experience.
Iceiceice on the contrast was the leading player on the CS charts on his Bristleback as he once again completely overwhelmed the Enemy safelaner single-handedly.
Pain Gaming simply had no answer to iceiceice’s Bristleback, even when they threw every single ability on him while he was isolated from the rest of the team, they just couldn’t kill the raidboss.

It was a slow and painful defeat for Pain Gaming as they desperately stretched across the map looking to force Mineski into a bad fight, but Mineski was just too far ahead to lose the game. There was nothing stopping them from pushing through to the Semi Finals, and coming out on top against the South American Team. 

Tomorrow, Mineski will take on the winner of the EG vs Secret series (which is live on Moonduck’s twitch channel right now) in their SemiFinal matchup. This, of course, means that Mineski is assured DPC points for this event and are slowly but surely become the favorites to take home the Captains Draft trophy.


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