Mid Lane Meltdown - A 1 vs 1 Indian Dota 2 Tournament

Nishant Patel

27o, Feb, 2017
Announcing the Mid Lane Meltdown – A 1 vs 1 Indian Dota 2 tournament presented by Avajaya Gaming in association with yours truly. The tournament is sponsored by NovaPlay and Cooler Master India. Players will have the opportunity to prove themselves over a three-day, online knockout tournament for a total prize pool of INR 10,000 + gaming gear.
  • Dates : 17th to 19th March, 2017
  • Prizes : Total prize pool is INR 10,000 + Equipment from Cooler Master.
    • Winner : INR 6,000 + 1 x Masterkeys Lite
    • Runner Up : INR 3,000 + 1 x Devastator II
    • Third Place : INR 1,000
All prizes will ONLY be distributed to bank accounts and delivery addresses in India.

  • Registration : Click HERE to register for free. Registrations will close on 8th March 15th March Registrations are now closed. Click HERE to view the brackets or click HERE to view the schedule.
  • Server : India. Both players can mutually agree upon another server.
  • Format : Best of 1 Knockout. Grand finals will be bo3.
    • Hero Pool : Shadow Fiend, Queen of Pain, Lina, Zeus, Ember Spirit, Puck
    • Rules : Players will only get to use ONE hero throughout the tournament. Hero must be chosen at the time of registration.
      A coin toss will be done inside the lobby when both players are present. Winner gets to select Radiant / Dire. First player to score two kills or take down the middle tier 1 tower wins.
  • Livestream : The grand finals will be streamed on