MIBR Wins The ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 In A Straight Set

Aditya Singh Rawat

29o, Aug, 2018

The final day of the ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 witnessed the finals taking place between MIBR & Kinguin.  

The BO5 series saw MIBR lift the cup after a clean ‘3-0’ victory over the Poles.


The first match was played on Dust 2. Although the map was picked by Kinguin, they were completely destroyed in the first half of the match as MIBR lead with a score of ‘13-2’, winning 12 rounds in a row. 

The second half saw Kinguin attempt to make their way back into the match as they claimed four consecutive rounds but faltered in the 20th due to a great triple-kill by 'fer'. The next two rounds sealed the win for MIBR as they took the match ‘16-6’.


The second match saw the two teams fight it out on Cache. The pistol round was won by MIBR playing  
T-sided. They followed it up with 2 more rounds but Kinguin stopped them short as they took the next 3 themselves. MIBR took the lead back with a triple round sweep, although Kinguin managed to break the streak it wasn’t effective as another 3 rounds went the way of MIBR. Kinguin managed to get the last two rounds before halftime to bring the score to a ‘6-9’ deficit. 

Kinguin kept their form by winning 3 more rounds post-halftime but a determined MIBR broke their momentum to win 4 continuous rounds in their favor. The next couple of rounds were equally exchanged before Kinguin took a hattrick of rounds leaving MIBR in a pinch. MIBR ran a cautious play to win the next round, reaching the match point. This was followed by a round won by the Poles, now one round away from taking the match into Overtime. The last round was clutched by MIBR who won the hard-fought match ‘16-14’ while leading the series ‘2-0’.


The third match witnessed a brutal washout for Kinguin on Train as all they managed to win was the 7th round. MIBR ran all over Kinguin winning the match ‘16-1’ while taking the series ‘3-0’.


Winning the BO5 series with a convincing ‘3-0’ scoreline, MIBR stood victorious over Kinguin becoming the champions of ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 and winning $200,000 along with the coveted trophy.