Mechanics Mondays - Root

Shounak Sengupta

14th, Jan, 2019

Mondays mean it’s time for some mechanics lessons and this time around we take on Root. A mechanic that has been introduced for a while now but with recent changes packs quite a punch. So stay rooted and discover just what this one offers.

What is Root?

Root is a mechanic that prevents a unit from moving and from casting mobility spells. However, Root does not prevent the rooted unit from auto attacking or from casting regular spells. Roots often come with various additional benefits depending upon their source. For example, some Roots also disarm while there are some which give Truesight but the core mechanic of root is to prevent the unit from moving. While Root doesn’t cancel channelled spells, it does cancel TP scrolls and Boots of Travel.

Abilities and Items which Root

In all, there are 12 hero abilities that can be used to Root units, 1 item and 2 spells from Neutral Creeps.
These are as follows:

Meepo - Earthbind

Oracle - Fortune’s End

Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear - Entangling Claws

Treant Protector - Nature’s Guise

Treant Protector - Overgrowth

Underlord - Pit of Malice

Crystal Maiden - Frost Bite

Dark Willow - Bramble Maze

Ember Spirit - Searing Chains

Naga Siren - Ensnare

Troll Warlord - Berserker’s Rage

Techies - Stasis Trap


Out of these both of Treant’s Protectors spells and CM’s Frost Bite apply an additional Disarm on the opponent. Roots from Meepo, LD, Treant, Underlord, Crystal Maiden, Naga Siren and Techies all provide pure Truesight on target while the rest only provide Truesight when the unit goes invisible after being rooted.

Rod of Atos is the only item which allows you to Root enemy heroes but Diffusal Blade also has a component called Inhibit which while only slowing when cast upon heroes, roots when cast upon creeps.

Ancient Prowler’s Petrify and Dark Troll Summoner’s Ensnare are the 2 NC abilities that can root.

Spells which are disabled by Roots

A total of 28 hero abilities and 2 items are cancelled by Root. These include TP’s/BoT/BoT2 and Blink Dagger.


Spells include -

Anti Mage Blink 
Earth Spirit  Rolling Boulder
Queen of Pain Blink 
Rikimaru Blink Strike
Rikimaru Tricks of the Trade
Magnus Skewer
Tuskar Snowball
Timbersaw Timberchain
Slark  Pounce
Phoenix Icarus Dive
Pangolier Swashbuckle
Pangolier Rolling Thunder
Phantom Assassin Phantom strike
Puck Phase shift
Sandking Burrowstrike
Ember Spirit Activate Fire Remnant
Chaos Knight Reality Rift
Mirana Leap
Monkey King Tree Dance
Monkey King Primal Spring
Morphling Waveform
Spirit Breaker  Charge of Darkness
Spirit Breaker Nether Strike
Storm Spirit Ball Lightning
Meepo Poof
Faceless Void Timewalk
Earthshaker Enchant Totem
Nature's Prophet Teleportation



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