Marksmen move onto the playoffs with a win over the Yodhas

Shounak Sengupta

21st, Feb, 2018
Venom’s Marksmen moved onto the playoff stages all the while denting the Yodhas chances. It was a pretty decisive victory from the Marksmen, taking 11 points out of a possible 16.
They picked up victories in both Tekken and Real Cricket to stay ahead with a 6 point lead.
Blown out of the server
Counter-Strike has been a problem for the Yodhas all season long and this match they got decimated by the Marksmen.
It was an uncharacteristically bad performance from the Yodhas and the highest fragger on their side had fewer kills than the lowest player for the Marksmen. Inferno has been good to the Marksmen for the most part and they proved it once again beating the Yodhas 16-6. Everyone on the Marksmen side had a field day, especially slowiN and Veerbhadra who stamped his authority with an ace.
Pudge hooks his way to a victory for the Yodhas
In Dota, the Yodhas have looked strong and once again showed their dominance with crisp execution and superior teamfight. Their Spectre had tons of space created by the Pudge in the early game and Tidehunter and QoP on the field allowed the Yodhas to take teamfights with ease. On the other side, the Marksmen needed BKB’s to take fights and the slow start only made things worse for them. Not only were the Invoker and the Luna lagging behind in networth, they were of little use before their BKBs were complete. The Yodhas looked comfortable from the start till the end, forcing out a gg by the 43rd minute.
With this, the Marksmen are guaranteed to move onto the next stage along with the Sherdils and the Yakshas, while the Akramaks and the Yodhas are going to have to take their chances to see who moves on.


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