Malaysian State Government announces an additional $95,000 towards the development of esports

Vignesh Raghuram

24th, Nov, 2018

Looks like Malaysia is quite serious about its esports ventures. With the central government, the state government of Penang, and other private Malaysian companies investing in esports, the state government of Selangor has decided to join the trend and have allocated a portion of their 2019 budget for esports.

According to reports, the state will be providing RM 400,000 ($95,000~) of funding for the development and organization of esports in Selangor. This will be in addition to the RM 1,000,000 ($238,240) it will try to obtain from the central government for developing esports in their region.

The Selengor region has always been quite supportive of esports, with a history of hosting the Selangor Cyber Games quite regularly. The exact manner in which these funds will be used for developing esports is yet to be made public.

However, it is clear that the government is looking to legitimize the esports industry in hopes that they can start making revenues off of it both locally and internationally.



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