Malaysian Prime Minister bats for esports

Shounak Sengupta

15o, Jan, 2018
Malaysian Prime minister Najib Razak was all upbeat about the growth of esports in the country as he spoke at the Malaysian Cyber Games in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. According to this article in the Malaysian Stint, Najib was all praises about the development of esports in the country.
He was especially excited to learn that esports would be a part of the Asian Games and hopes that one day it will be a medal event in the Olympics. In a very forward and youth-centric discussion, he put ahead the needs and desires of the current generation and was heard saying

“We must be a government that cares and understands young people, their language and serve their needs and aspirations”
"Embracing it as a new industry will promise a variety of opportunities, and not just entertainment and lifestyle.
However, we must prepare our people to become the generators, the suppliers and active players in cyber games”

In Malaysia, the government is looking to legitimize the esports industry in hopes that Malaysia can start making revenues off of it both locally and internationally. 

Image source: Malaysian stint