LXG Esports win DreamHack India Invitational: BYOC Qualifier #1

Vignesh Raghuram

22nd, Dec, 2018

The BYOC Qualifier #1 of the Dreamhack India Invitational, which lasted a gruelling 10 hours finally came to a close with the Bangalore-based team, LXG Esports securing one of the two qualifier spots in the DreamHack Invitational.

They will now compete on the main stage against the winner of the BYOC Qualifier #2 in a BO3 on the main stage, later tomorrow.


The road to the finals


The BYOC Qualifiers #1 was a bloodbath right from the start with some of the best teams that India had to offer, including Signify, LXG Esports, ROG TiTans, and Reckoning Esports stepping up and putting on quite a show.

The first casualties of the BYOC Qualifier #1 were ATE Gaming(who were knocked out by Signify) and Reckoning Esports (who lost to an outdraft from Pebyl Gaming).

The semifinals saw LXG Esports take on ROG TiTans, while Signify took on Pebyl Gaming. Both matches were relatively one-sided affairs, where LXG Esports and Signify prevailed, moving on to the finals.


LXG Esports vs Signify


LXG Esports went for a teamfight heavy, mobile lineup with a Brewmaster, Queen of Pain and a Slark backed up by a Lich and a Magnus. Whereas Signify picked up a lineup full of potential wombo-combo plays featuring a Dark Seer, Winter Wyvern and a Slardar.

The game was relatively even in the early stages, with both safelaners securing an ample amount of kills and farm. However, the midlane was handily won by Swifty on his Skywrath Mage. LXG Esports stabilized and utilized their superior mobility to find a few key pickoffs that halted Signify’s momentum. However, whenever the going got tough, Crowley, No_Chanc3 and Negi combined to hold the base.

Kaneki’s Queen of Pain proved to be a massive difference maker with his level 25 ‘Fear’ talent securing a series of kills on BlizzarD’s Juggernaut. A couple of strategic mistakes, and a great Aegis steal from LXG, cost Signify the game and the 1st slot in the DreamHack Invitational Main Event.

Signify are now competing in the BYOC Qualifier #2 to attempt to finally secure a place in the main stage. However, fatigue from playing for over 10 hours in the BYOC Qualifier #1 would be a big factor in this qualifier.

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