Lucid Dream qualifies for ESL Pro League - Asia Playoffs

Aditya Singh Rawat

11th, Oct, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: Lucid Dream

The finals of the ESL Pro League – SEA Qualifier took place today between Lucid Dream and Signature Gaming.

The all Thai match-up was a really entertaining BO5 series and went down to the wire, as was anticipated by the fans. Lucid Dreams played out of their minds taking down their arch-rivals Signature Gaming, despite facing a single game deficit before the start of the grand finals.

This is how the rest of the series unfolded.

Lucid Intentions 

With Signature Gaming starting off the series with a ‘1-0’ default lead over their opponents, the two teams faced off on Overpass in their second bout.

Signature dominated Lucid Dream with a single-handed wipeout, where they worked really well around the map cutting short Lucid on all their advances thus making quick work of them and taking the map with a score of ‘16-4’.

The third match was played on Inferno which went down to an overtime but this time Lucid came out on top. It was not easy for Lucid but they kept trying out plays with the utmost confidence in both themselves and the team and finally broke through Signature’s overwhelming pressure taking the game with a score of ‘19-16’

The fourth match was a high-pressure match for Lucid who had to win this one in order to stand a chance to go for the win in the decider. The match was played on Cache where Lucid Dream stepped up their game to overwhelm Signature by denting them in the first half itself. Taking a huge lead early on it brought easy tidings for Lucid in the second half, eventually granting them the win with a score of ‘16-6’.

The final match between the two took place on Train where Lucid continued to win round after round giving away just two rounds to Signature in the first half. With the win already out of their hands, Signature still tried to hold on for as long as they could but succumbed in the 20th round to witness Lucid Dream walk away as the champions, winning the last game with a score of ‘16-4’.

Taking the series ‘3-2’, Lucid Dream triumph above Signature Gaming after one hell of a comeback thus becoming the first team to qualify onto the ESL Pro League – Asia Playoffs.


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