Logitech G Free2Play 3 - Preview

Nishant Patel

25o, May, 2014
The third edition of Logitech G Free2Play is all set to kick off on the 31st of May, 2014.

More to Look Forward to

In contrast to last year, the event has shortened the list of titles to just Dota 2 and Counter Strike : Global Offensive.

The prize pool for Dota 2 has been stepped up from INR 50,000 to INR 65,000 for Free2Play 3.

Once again, Free2Play will have a dedicated spectator are on the terrace of LXG Cafe where a projector will be set up with speakers along with a food stall.

In addition to this, we are told that a two PC experience zone will be set up at the venue where gamers can play, test and get hands on Logitech Products.

Free2Play #2 had a ton of giveaways with Logitech G products for spectators and attendees and we expect similar crowd pleasing activities to take place this time as well!

As for the coverage, this time around more of AFK Gaming's members will be present at the venue to handle the livestream and coverage for those of you that cannot make it to the venue. Expect regular social media updates, daily recaps, post event videos and more through our site and social media outlets.

Player / Team Speak

Free2Play 3 will play host to some of India's best Dota 2 teams, all gathered on LAN.

Teams that are expected to flaunt their stuff include :
  • Oblique Gaming (Winners of Free2Play #2)
  • NeckBREAK eSports
  • Mynd'Snare Gaming
  • League of Extraordinary Gamers (Home team)
  • Mission in Stealth (Winners of Free2Play #1)
Most of these teams have kicked things into high gear, scrimming against teams from within India and the rest of SEA as part of their prep.

Some teams are rumoured to have set up bootcamps prior to the tournament while others have been scouting their opponents THOROUGHLY through DotaTV.

The general consensus among players is as follows :

Remstar (nB eSports) : "nB, OG and LXG all have an equal chance to win this. LXG has a slight upper hand due to home ground advantage!"

When asked about LXG's recent roster change wherein they replaced Max with DeathTyrant :

"I heard Madman will be playing the farmer while DeathTyrant will play mid. He is a good player. I saw them practicing 3 -4 games. SpyMode Activated."

Mean while, defending champions Oblique Gaming had a similar outlook about the top three spots.
Word is that Oblique Gaming has made a last minute change to their roster.

Cyberhen : "1st -NeckBREAK eSports , 2nd - LXG :P"

Crowley on the other hand had a slightly more.... unorthodox response :

Crowley : "nB got this."

The new team on the block, Mynd'Snare Gaming has undergone a recent roster change as well however they seem to have regained their footing recently.

SpookyMonsta : "We rarely practice. This time it's a clusterfuck. Expecting MSG, OG and LXG in the top 3 :)"


The stage is set for an Indian Dota 2 LAN Battle Royale. Will Oblique Gaming retain their title of defending champions? Will the home team LXG snag the title this time? Will NeckBREAK dethrone all the rest or will the newer teams on the block pull one out of the hat?

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