KL Major - SEA Regional Qualifiers - Mineski and Tigers feel the heat

Shounak Sengupta

19th, Sep, 2018

 Image credits: Dreamhack

Day 1 of the KL Major, SEA Regionals saw tons of upsets and unexpected results as some of the big names got off to a poor start in what is effectively their debut in the new DPC season. Both Mineski and Tigers were tipped to be strong contenders from SEA this season but both will start of in the lower brackets along with Raven and Ohaiyo’s new team, Lotac. Meanwhile, it was smiles all the way for Fnatic and TNC Predator as both went unbeaten in their respective groups to move into the upper brackets.

Group A - Stacked group but Sterling Dragons find their way to everyone’s surprise

Group A was definitely the more stacked group with Mineski, Tigers and Fnatic in it, but it was the 4th team, a relatively unknown side called the Sterling Global Dragons, who surprised many. Fnatic were the better team by a decent margin as they finished the day without dropping a single game. 2-0’s over Tigers and SGD in what were quite comfortable games mean that they make it out of the groups as top seeds from Group A. Mushi’s switch to the 5 position didn’t get off to the best of starts as he struggled in their games. Against Mineski, the Filipino stack, SGD, pulled out a last pick Meepo in the third game, catching out Mineski by surprise.as they took the series 2-1.

Ahjit and InyourDream stepped up massively in the series against Mineski, combining to pick up 55 kills across the series as Tigers took it 2-0. In the decider, however, SGD again out-cheesed their way to a win, pulling out Drow strats and again a last pick Meepo to surprise the Tigers.

Group B - TNC and Admiral the better teams

Group B saw TNC taking their opening two series to secure the top seed. Tims and Kuku both looked very impressive across their games and TNC had no troubles against their former teammate, Raven in the first series. Admiral started off with a win over Execration, and the once TI playing side look like a shadow of their former selves. In the winners match, Admiral pushed TNC to a game 3 with a last pick Brood and late game Enigma in game 2, but ultimately fell short against Armel’s Tinker in game 3.

Xctn were able to take down Lotac 2-1, whose debut at the Regionals has been quite sub-par but in the end Admiral proved to be the better team as they took the remaining upper bracket spot from Group B.


In the playoffs, we see TNC going up against SGD in the upper brackets, while Admiral will be facing an in-form Fnatic in the upper brackets. Fighting for their lives in the qualifier will be Mineski vs Execration and Tigers vs Lotac in the bottom half of the table. The action kicks off tomorrow. Tune into the AFK Gaming stream to catch your favourite teams!



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