KL Major Playoffs Day 3: Vici pummel PainX, Fnatic survive the J.Storm

Shounak Sengupta

13th, Nov, 2018

Cover image source: @PGL

VG ploughed through PainX to setup a date with TNC Predators, as Fnatic came back from a game down to take down J.Storm. Both teams are now in the top 8 while it’s back to the drawing board for J.Storm and PainX.

Ori and Paparazzi shred apart PainX

In game 1, Ori’s DK controlled the tempo throughout the game as the PainX lineup struggled to bring him down. The Magnus + Troll duo also made it easier for the VG cores to pick up items, and they used the pushing power of the DK to force PainX to fight and killed them in their own base as the gg was called. In game 2, Yang’s Batrider dominated his matchup against 4dr’s Underlord as the PainX offlaner as never able to come online. With his sustain missing, the PainX lineup struggled to take fights against a Blackhole. In the end, Paparazzi’s farm became too much for PainX to contend with as they called the gg.

J.Storm makes it costly, but Fnatic survive

Fnatic thought they had the draft with their Meepo pick, but J.Storm waited out his timings patiently, taking the game late when Meepo was past his peak and were able to take game 1. Game 2 saw both teams duke it out after Forev’s strong start on the Axe helped him create space for his Medusa. However, in the lategame, Abed’s Arc Warden held the advantage, being able to safely splitpush and give his team the numbers advantage in teamfights. It was a close game till the end, but Fnatic played it patiently taking the win. Game 3, saw Fnatic take the Arc Warden once again, but this time it was DJ’s Axe who took the game to J.Storm with a 12-minute Blink Dagger. J.Storm lacked the teamfight that Fnatic offered with their Global Silence and Panda ultimate and fell to a 43-minute gg.      



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