KL Major Playoffs Day 2: Former captain, PPD returns to haunt Evil Geniuses

Shounak Sengupta

12th, Nov, 2018

Cover image source: Chris Romano | ESL 

PPD’s NiP took down EG 2-1 in the upper bracket to send the NA squad into the lower bracket. The series seemed evenly matched, but a confident performance from a somewhat struggling Fata sealed EG’s fate as NiP now move into the top 6.

Sumail was the star of game 1, with a monster performance on his Ember Spirit, as he single-handedly shut down the opponents, breezing his team through to a 30-minute win. His 19-1 performance on the hero is one of the best performances in recent times as NiP struggled to get into the game. However, NiP struck back in game 2, as the QoP pick from EG was heavily punished by NiP. Sumail was unable to snowball on the momentum driven hero and the NiP lineup had more than enough lockdown to keep him in check. With Fata’s DK and Ace’s PL too big for EG to contest, the EU stack pushed for an easy win to tie up the series.


In game 3, Fata’s TA got off to a good start on the midlane against Sumail’s Mirana and he was able to pressure the map heavily, making it difficult for EG to make space. With the lockdown coming in from MC’s Earthshaker and PPD’s Ogre, NiP had enough damage between Fata and Ace to take convincing teamfights and built up solid lead. The EG heroes were never meant to take the 5v5 fights as NiP ran over them time and again. Once Saksa’s support Weaver had his Agh’s any damage from EG was completely mitigated and it was only a matter of time before, NiP were able to close out the series.


NiP now await the winners of VP vs Fnatic in the upper bracket while EG will take on the victors from Forward Gaming and Gambit Esports in the lower bracket.


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