KL Major Group A: European teams reign supreme in opening games

Shounak Sengupta

9th, Nov, 2018

Cover image source: @Redbull

The opening two games of Group A saw European teams, Secret and NiP take clean 2-0’s over their opponents, J.Storm and Pain Gaming respectively. Puppey and PPD both with some good drafts, making it very hard for their opponents to match up. The win puts both teams a match away from the winner bracket slot, while Pain now take on J.Storm to try and relegate the other to the lower bracket.


Secret crushed game 1, against a Gyro+Io draft as an early BKB build on Nisha’s Morphling, allowing him to join the fights. Some devastating initiations by Puppey’s Axe and Yapzor’s Earthshaker sealed J.Storm’s fate, who called an early sub 30-minute gg. Game 2 was closer, but once again Nisha’s farm on the TB went uncontested and a quick Roshan, allowed Secret to edge out a game-changing teamfight at the 35-minute mark, where 9 heroes, died with only the TB surviving. This tipped the game in Secret’s favor and they were able to close it out, soon after.


Elsewhere, NiP also picked up a victory in their first series, however, it definitely wasn’t as easy for them. Their standin and former TI champ, Mind_Control was instrumental in the first game on his Centaur, as NiP manoeuvred better in the skirmishes and rarely got caught by Tavo’s Blackholes. Despite some good farm on hFn’s Chaos Knight, the rest of the Pain heroes really lagged behind, especially their supports as NiP were able to maintain their lead and take the win. In game 2, Pain decided to last pick a Visage, to deny the pick from NiP and as a result their laning stage suffered. NiP snowballed heavily, on the back of their tanky duo of Timbersaw and Centaur as Ace’s Drow laid in the damage. Pain got one shot to close the game catching out the Drow without a buyback and while they got the NiP throne down, it wasn’t to be, as it cost them all 5. NiP finished the game off in their next push.  



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