JoinDota League: Season 12 Opens Registrations

Vignesh Raghuram

7th, Jan, 2018
After a very successful return to the Dota 2 sphere with JoinDota League – Season 11, Joindota League is back for its next iteration: The JoinDota League – Season 12.
The Joindota league has always been an important part of the Dota 2 tournament sphere as it is an online tournament that provides a competitive platform for upcoming Dota teams to showcase their skills and fight against teams of equal caliber; while competing for a sizeable prizepool of $12,000 ($4000 per region: SEA, Europe and Americas.)
So what is the JoinDota League? Gambit sums it up perfectly


Teams who competed in the JoinDota League – Season 11 will be assigned a division by the Admins depending on their past performances. Or else, they're expected to start in the Starter Division. But it is not necessary for all new teams to need to start in the Starter Division. There is a unique system which allows teams to be assigned to higher tiers: The Preseason playoffs.

The Preseason playoffs is a mini-tournament of sorts which will allow teams who feel that they deserve to start in a higher league than the Starter division a chance to prove their worth. Teams will be assigned an appropriate division based on their performance in the PreSeason Playoffs. Depending on their performance, they can be placed as high as Division 2 in their region. However, you need to register before January 18, 2018 in order to participate in the PreSeason Playoffs.
Registration info
All Registrations close on 21st January 2018. Register for the tournament, by clicking the below links

The Season kicks off on 24th January 2018 and will run through for about two months before crowning the winners.


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