Iyati to take on Oh Bey in the finals of ILG Cup Season 2

Aditya Singh Rawat

14th, Dec, 2018
Cover Image Courtesy: Indian LAN Gaming-ILG Cup
The final phase of ILG Season 2 has its Grand Finals scheduled to take place from 15th-16th December as part of GamerConnect taking place in Koramangala, Bangalore.

The four final teams that qualified for the pre-final stage for CS:GO were:

  • Reload Gaming

  • Team JHS

  • Team IYATI

  • Team OH BEY

The teams gathered at LXG, Bengaluru yesterday on 13th December to playout the pre-finals. All the matches played were a BO1 except for the Lower Bracket Finals which witnessed a BO3 series.

All the matches were exciting with Team IYATI and Team Oh Bey qualifying onto the Grand Finals. This is all the action that took place on the day.

Upper Bracket Semifinals

Team Oh Bey went up against Reload Gaming in the opening match of the day on Mirage where Oh Bey had an easy time handling the flow of the game. Taking authority right from the start Oh Bey went with the momentum to take the match away from Reload Gaming with a score of ‘16-5’.

The second match of the day witnessed Team JHS taking on Iyati Gaming on Overpass where both the teams started strong but soon JHS were ahead with a small lead. Iyati kept up the hustle catching up to JHS in round 18 but all was in vain as JHS shut them down hard winning the next six rounds in a row to take the match with a score of ‘16-10’.

Upper Bracket Finals

Both the winners, Team Oh Bey and Team JHS took the fight on Overpass where the teams fought hard going toe-to-toe until Oh Bey decided to shift gears as they applied tremendous pressure on JHS with great utility usage and constant pickoffs through unexpected positions. Team Oh Bey move on to the Grand Finals defeating JHS by a score of ‘16-10’.

Lower Bracket Semifinals

Iyati Gaming went up against Reload Gaming on Inferno where Reload were beaten pretty badly as Iyati rolled over them, taking them down in a single-sided match with the scoreboard reading ‘16-4’

Lower Bracket Finals

Iyati Gaming went ahead to face off against Team JHS in the only BO3 series of the day. 

The first match took place on Nuke where Iyati Gaming fought hard and smart to defeat Team JHS by a score of ‘16-10’. They took an early lead and stuck to their game to take quite an easy victory, moving on to the next map. 

The second match was also won by Iyati Gaming on Dust 2 where both the team clashed head-on time and again but Iyati found some momentum coming their way as they took a small lead. JHS caught up to them as the match went into overtime where Iyati barely managed to clutch the final two rounds and win the match by a score of ‘19-17’.

With this, Iyati Gaming and Team Oh Bey will be facing each other in the Grand Finals of the ILG Cup Season  2 at GamerConnect Bangalore.


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